Special technology used by Rob

We have “The Wand”!

Rob using 'The Wand'

Rob using ‘The Wand’

Heralded as the first major advance in providing local anaesthesia since the syringe was invented 150 years ago. “The wand” a truly magical advance in local anaesthesia, enables nearly totally pain free injections, even to normally painful locations, such as the roof of the mouth. It has been found to be effective on patients of all ages and will be specially useful for those of you who are nervous about seeing Rob!

Most of the pain from local anaesthesia comes from the flow of the anaesthetic. Computer technology produces a slow, even flow of anaesthetic resulting in a virtually
pain-free injection. In addition, “The Wand” is held with a different grip to the traditional syringe, increasing precision and therefore facilitating the numbing of smaller targeted areas, resulting in a reduced frequency of the ‘fat lip’ feeling.